VapeSan Pro Review: Best Handy Sanitizer In 2021

VapeSan Pro Review
VapeSan Pro Review

VapeSan Pro Review:
In this era of COVID-19, almost everybody in this planet earth understands the importance of washing and sanitizing hands. We are familiar with the advantages of hand hygiene even before COVID-19 but we can not wash our hands every time and everywhere, hence the need for sanitizer to always keep our hands clean even in public settings. 

There are numerous effective brands of hand sanitizers available for purchase and use. In this article, VapeSan Pro Review, we’d be discussing an awesome hand sanitizer. An alcohol based hand sanitizer. 

The environment is filled with germs, both bacteria, fungi, virus etc.  We make contact with different surfaces mostly with our hands and we use same hands to touch different parts of our body. During these contacts, our hands can convey different germs to our body surfaces where they have more opportunity to enter into the body.

When these germs gain entrance into our bodies, they will start multiplying, feeding, releasing different waste products and so on. These activities will result in different forms of illnesses, hence the need to keep the hand clean. 

There are many medicated soaps out there for getting rid of germs but we may not have the opportunity to wash hands all the time especially in public settings. A hand sanitizer can come in handy in this case. 

The use of sanitizer has gained more weight this year, 2020 because of the contagious disease that is deadly enough to put one’s  existence into an end within few days. In addition to always wearing face mask, we also have to use a hand sanitizer to keep our hands sterile at all times.

To achieve this purpose, we need a handy and portable sanitizer to that can be taken with us to any place without any hassle. VapeSan Pro is one of them. 

Though there are many defensive mechanisms in our digestive tracts that prevent harmful pathogens from gaining grounds in our body, sometimes these organisms can overwhelm these body defence depending on their quantity and species that gained entrance into the body.

They can gain entrance through the food we eat especially when our hands are contaminated.

Owing to the fact that we don’t have all the time in the universe to always eat at home before going out, it behoves us to have a portable hand sanitizer to keep our hands sterile and free from germs especially in settings where we may not have access to medicated soaps and running water for hand washing.

We urge you to read our VapeSan Pro Review to the end to find out if this brand of hand sanitizer is suitable for you. It contains everything you need to know about this outstanding hand sanitizer. 

What is VapeSan Pro (VapeSan Pro Review) 

VapeSan Pro is a portable and handy germ killer. This modern technology does not require any contact with your hands before dispensing the alcohol based sanitizer. 

Though the content of VapeSan Pro can destroy any germ (contaminants) on it, the aim of making it touchless is to ensure complete safety of the users and 100% efficacy. 

Vapesan Pro Review
Vapesan Pro Review

The high portability of VapeSan Pro hand sanitizer  is to enable you carry the sanitizer to any place of your choice so you can use it any moment you need it. However, the handy sanitizer can be used even in your homes. It can serve your entire family and make sure that your kids and spouse are free of germs.

When VapeSan Pro hand sanitizer is used by many persons, the touch less quality becomes very important in ensuring complete safety of everybody using it. 

VapeSan Pro hand sanitizer is pretty cool if you’re looking for a hand sanitizer that will keep you and your family safe in this COVID-19 pandemic. If you work in public places where it is inevitable to interact with people during your working hours, then you need a hand sanitizer in addition to facemask and social distancing.

Our VapeSan Pro Review still has more to tell you about this awesome product, so we implore you to read on!  

Outstanding qualities of VapeSan Pro hand sanitizer 

  • VapeSan Pro is a safe hand sanitizer. 
  • Vapesan Pro has a Motion-Activated Trigger. 
  • It is an efficient alcohol based atomizer.
  • Ensures fast hands sanitizing. 
  • It is good for everyone including adults and children. 
  • VapeSan Pro is pretty simple and handy. 
  • You can place it at the entrance of your home, office, shops, hotels, schools, dining place etc. 
  • VapeSan Pro has two working methods, the continuous method and the intermittent method. 
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery. 
  • VapeSan Pro is very portable. 

VapeSan Pro Specs

BrandVapeSan Pro
Dimensions110mm x 78mm
Water tank capacity100ml
Spray capacity40 – 60ml per hour
Built-in technologyInfra red sensor
ChargerAndroid charging cable
USB portYes
Sterilization duration30 seconds
Induction methodAutomatic / contactless
Battery capacity1200mAh
Proximity sensing11.5cm.

You might be wondering:

How does Vape San work? 

VapeSan Pro has an infra red sensor that detects your hands from 11.5cm and closer. The battery-powered device will automatically channel heat to the tank which causes the alcohol based sanitizer to evaporate.

Alcohol being a very volatile liquid, does not require much heat to evaporate, thus the device does not consume much power. As the liquid is evaporating, it will meet your hands and keep them sterilized within seconds.

The tank capacity is large and contains much volume of the alcohol-based sanitizer to ensure that one refill last for a long time. So you don’t have to refill your VapeSan Pro any time you want to use it

Vapesan Pro Review
Vapesan Pro Review

How can I use my VapeSan Pro? 

It’s very simple to use. All you need to do is press and hold the power button to turn on the device. Next, long press the button to open the spray sterilization mode. That’s all you need to do to get your VapeSan Pro ready for use. 

After getting the device ready, you can place your hands any where from 11.5cm and closer for the infra red sensor to detect your hands and spray  the liquid sanitizer on your hands.

Remember to turn your hands so that the sanitizer can get to every parts of your hands including the web of your digits.

What are the benefits of using VapeSan Pro? 

Efficacy: There are tons of sanitizer out there in the market. While some are highly efficient, a good number of them can hardly kill germs. VapeSan Pro is one of the best when it comes to efficacy. It ensures total eradication of germs. The infra red sensor helps to prevent contact with the device to avoid any form of contamination. This also increases the efficiency of the device because you don’t have to touch it before or after use.

Unlike many other ineffective sanitizers that were made with lower quantity of alcohol, VapeSan Pro is made with over 60% alcohol, which has been proved to be effective in sterilizing surfaces.

No contact required: VapeSan Pro does not require any contact with the hands of the user. The Motion-Activated Trigger in the device helps to spray the sanitizer once your hands are near the spray. This is the very aim behind social distancing, preventing the transmission of germs from one person to another.

With VapeSan Pro, there will be no risk of contamination nor germs transmission from one person to another. 

Fashionable design: VapeSan Pro has an attractive and sparkling look. Unlike other sanitizers that may not give your room, office or hotel a good look, VapeSan Pro is designed to add extra beauty to your apartment. Though health gadgets are not used for decoration, it is commendable to buy the one that won’t look entirely off and unsightly. 

Good for everyone: VapeSan Pro is the perfect for everyone. It is portable and easy to operate and use. It dispenses liquid sanitizer in small quantities that’s just enough to get your hands sterilized. There is no risk of sending so much money to refill your VapeSan Pro. This is very important for a device that will be used by kids. It won’t hurt them neither will it give them any opportunity to waste the liquid when you are not around.

If your budget for sanitizer is low and you are looking for a cheap and effective sanitizer that won’t cost much money to refill, VapeSan Pro is the best for you. It gives total protection to everyone both adults and kids. The attractive design makes it suitable for travelling as well. 

Good battery life: VapeSan Pro has a rechargeable battery that can last for hours after a single charge. The battery can store large quantities of charge (battery capacity 1200mAh). VapeSan Pro has a USB port that can be connected to any power source using Android charging cable (cord). Thus, you can charge your device with your power bank, computer etc.

It does not consume much quantities of electricity, hence there will be no increase in your electricity bill. You also don’t have to worry about spending extra cash on batteries. 

Long use duration: VapeSan Pro dispense alcohol in small quantities. The tank capacity is over 100ml and it can spray over 40 – 60ml in one hour. VapeSan Pro releases the liquid in small quantities ensuring that the entire content does not pour out once. 

Note that it has two methods of spraying the sanitizer, the continuous method and the intermittent method. Always switch to the method that is suitable for you. If you are using the continuous spray method, it may not last longer compare to when you are using the intermittent method. Whichever method you prefer, be rest assured that your sanitizer will last for a long time. You won’t pass through the inconvenience of refilling the tank all the time. 

Vapesan Pro Review
Vapesan Pro Review

What makes VapeSan Pro stand out? 

  • Easy to clean: The water tank of VapeSan Pro is detachable and very easy to clean. It does not allow bacteria and other organisms to grow. The safe and simple design of the device helps to maintain hygiene without any inconvenience. 
  • Suitable for any place: VapeSan Pro can be kept in any suitable location in your house, office or hotel. You can change its position any time you wish. There is no need for wall mounting or creating a special position for your hand sanitizer. Just find a suitable place that is easily accessible and keep your handy and portable device. You can decide to remove it when you’re done using it for the day. 
  • Touch-less technology: Most of the hand sanitizers out there in the market require that you either compress the container or press hard on the top for the liquid sanitizer to come out but such is not needed to use VapeSan Pro. The built-in infra red technology is capable of detecting your hands and stimulating the motion trigger which will in turn cause the movement of the liquid inside the tank. 
  • Quick dry: VapeSan Pro sanitizer dries quickly. It immediately kills the germs on your hands and dries off. This is because the temperature of the liquid is already high as it evaporates out of the device, hence it takes little times to evaporate off your hands. You don’t need to clean it up. 
  • Small and portable: VapeSan Pro is small and easy to carry. You can put it in your small hand bag or travelling bags. This allows you to use your sanitizer anywhere and anytime to always get your hands sterilized and free from germs. 
  • High quality material: VapeSan Pro is produced with high quality materials. It is scratch resistant and corrosion resistant. VapeSan Pro is very rigid and non-deformable. This makes the product durable.
  • Good electrical insulation and heat resistant: VapeSan Pro is well insulated to give extra protection to the user. It is also heat resistant. It does not allow external heat to influence its function. This prevents external heat from causing evaporation of the liquid sanitizer inside the tank. Hence you can keep your device any where without fear of it evaporating. 
  • Affordable: VapeSan Pro is very affordable when compared to the quality, design and durability. Anybody that needs a hand sanitizer can acquire a VapeSan Pro without spending much of your income. 

Does it worth my money?

If you are in need of an effective hand sanitizer, then VapeSan Pro is worth your money. There are tons of reasons why you should choose VapeSan Pro over others. It is very efficient and gets rid of all the disease causing pathogens on your hands.

You can take VapeSan Pro with you to any place of your choice because of its lightweight. There is no fear of wasting. Your kids can use it without wasting it and it won’t hurt them. 

If you’re the type that likes to make your house or workplace shinny and attractive, then VapeSan Pro is the best option for you. It adds extra beauty to your home because of it attractive design. VapeSan Pro combines high quality, efficiency, low cost and attractive design. Most importantly, it is simple and easy to use. 

Where can I buy this hands sanitizer? 

There maybe other vendors who claim to be selling the original brand of the product but for the sake of this VapeSan Pro review, we would advise you to buy directly from the producer. Get your VapeSan Pro from the official website of the manufacturer to be sure of buying the right product at the right amount. 

Buying from other vendors or retailers out there only increases your risk of running into the hands of scammers. Click the button below to check availability. 

Note: 50% discount with free shipping  applies for early buyers. Buy yours as quickly as possible to be part of this deal. Their customer service is excellent. You will get regular update with regards to your product shipping. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does VapeSan Pro contain enough quantity of alcohol? 

Yes. VapeSan Pro contains over 60% alcohol. According to research, the minimum quantity of alcohol  in any sanitizer that can kill germs is 60% and VapeSan Pro contains more than that percentage. 

How long can it last after one refill?

The capacity of VapeSan Pro water tank is 100ml. This quantity can last for few days if only one person is using it. The higher the number of users the shorter the duration of use after a single refill.

Do I need to press it to stop after use? 

No, you don’t need to press any button to stop your VapeSan Pro after use. It will automatically seize to come out once you remove your hands. No contact is required. 

Does it harm the kids if they mistakenly put it close to their mouth? 

It won’t hurt them. VapeSan Pro releases sanitizer in little quantity that can not hurt the kids. Though it’s advisable that you monitor them any time they want to use the hands sanitizer. 

VapeSan Pro Customer reviews 

Josh: It’s really effective and evaporates fast from the hands. The product is perfect for personal use, though it is good for multiple users but you have to refill it more frequently. 

Mary: The battery is supper powerful, it lasts for a very long time and what makes me even happier is that I can comfortably charge it with any Android phone charging cable.

Mark: I first saw it in my friends room and he told me that it is a hands sanitizer. I doubted it because it looks like one of those attractive stuffs used for decoration but when I came closer and placed my hand some centimetres away from the top it started releasing some liquids. I decided to get one for myself.  It is very effective and easy to use. 

Vapesan Pro
Vapesan Pro Review

Bottom line (VapeSan Pro Review) 

The need to sanitize our hands can never be overemphasized. It is very important especially these days harmful germs are spreading continuously from one person to another. In addition to proper hand washing to keep our hands clean and hygienic, we also need a sanitizer for complete elimination of germs. 

Bacteria and other pathogens multiply rapidly and they spread very quick to different surfaces and atmosphere. We need to guard ourselves against these organisms at all times by washing and sanitizing our hands regularly. 

VapeSan Pro is one of the best and affordable sanitizers in the market space. It gives you all the desirable features you need at a very low cost. If you are in need of a device that will safely and effectively protect you and your family members from germs buy VapeSan Pro sterilizer. 
Hit the button below to get yours today 

That all for our VapeSan Pro Review, thanks for reading. 

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