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XPRO Drone Review

There is a myriad of drones in the market space nowadays. These Drones are produced by different manufacturers and as such the qualities vary. Embarking on a research to find out which drone is best for you with regards to quality and price can be a daunting task. 

If you’re looking for the best drone in 2020 to buy, you are in the right place. XPRO Drone Review will reveal to you everything you need to know about the latest Drone in 2020.

Advances in technology have made it possible for us to get the best out of whatever we desire as long as we can afford them. Due to the high level of competition on this planet, it is almost impossible to have just one brand of any product under the sun. Each product is touted to be the best by the producer. 

The big challenge is:

How do I know the best product?  To be honest, there is no better way of knowing the best product without testing it. But this is risky on the side of the buyer as you can waste your hard-earned money on products that will never live up to your expectations. 

Thus, we need guidance most times to avoid wasting our time unnecessarily or making avoidable mistakes. You can’t keep testing every product you want to use as most of them won’t even come with money back guarantees.

XPRO Drone is the best drone in 2020 and it has one of the latest and best designs. It is suitable to be used for adventures, fun, professional landscape survey and industrial filming. 

Ready to know more? Let’s dive right in 

XPRO Drone Review
XPRO Drone Review

XPRO Drone Review 

XPRO Drone is a highly efficient quadcopter drone. It is very portable and foldable. It is suitable for both surveillance and high-quality image and video capturing. It comes with high quality propellers and performs well in flight.

It gives you the opportunity to explore as much as you can and take stunning images. It is the best in the DroneX series. It has good battery life and the speed can be adjusted. XPRO Drone is very affordable and allows you to take amazing videos and photographs unlike other professional drones. 

Outstanding qualities of XPRO Drone

4K Pixels Camera: XPRO Drone has a high camera resolution which enables it to take high quality images and videos. The 5G image transmission with 4K pixels camera has a resolution of up to 4 times higher than the traditional 1080P resolution.

It has 40 million aerial camera that can shoot 4K and quadruple HD resolution video. It has an electronic anti-shake technology which improves the stability of aerial pictures making the memory of every scene clear and smooth.

XPRO drone can zoom objects up to 50 times their size. This enables you to capture a nice image or video of objects or persons that are several meters away.

If you want to get a professional-looking pictures, just set the target and the device will automatically calculate the aerial route to achieve effects such as circling, waypoint flying etc. to give you an exquisite picture with wide angle of view that will stand out in social networks.

Easy to use: The instructions in the manual are very easy to follow. This type of advanced technology poses difficulty to first timers, but Drone X Pro manual is very simplified to make life easier for beginners. The GSP is well calibrated. You just need to press the button once for your drone to take off or return.

You do not need any special skills or assistance to use this product even if you have never used a drone before.

Resistance to wind: XPRO Drone has a level 7 wind resistance which makes it very stable on air and capable of largely resisting the effect of wind. Many Drones can fly very high and if not strongly built, they can be carried by strong breeze. This will result in loss of control and the drone might get missing. XPRO Drone has a strong system to enable it resist the effect of air. This increases the efficiency and accuracy of the device. 

Long flight time: Unlike many drones, the flight time of XPRO drone is long. It can flow for up to 26munites. One of the major problems with drones is that the battery don’t last long. You will find out that you even spend more time charging the battery  than actually using it. And this does not go well with content creators who would be using the device for purposes other than fun.

But XPRO Drone is one of the exceptions. The battery lasts longer than that of most drones and allows you to use it for more serious business like landscape surrvey. 

Never lose your Drone: XPRO drone will automatically return when the battery is down. The battery of most drones run down easily and if it can not return automatically, you may lose your device. Also, if the connection is about to lose, it will return on its own.

Rechargeable battery: The battery is charged with USB cable that comes with it. It does not consume much power, hence won’t affect your electricity bill. You only need 4 hours to charge it to fullness. No risk of spending extra money to buy battery or pay electricity bills. You can check the battery charge (power) to know when to recharge. To do this, short-press the power button to display the battery power. Long-press the button if you want to turn the drone on.

Precise remote control: The remote control is very accurate and simple to operate. The remote connection is so strong that even when you are performing stunts like flipping the Drone and spinning it, the connectivity will still be intact. Take a look at the image below and you will be good to go. The connection process is clearly explained in the manual.

XPRO Drone Review
XPRO Drone Review

Speed adjustment: you can easily adjust the speed of XPRO Drone. This allows you to slow down and compose the pictures well or have a better video recording. By adjusting the speed, you will have a more control accuracy and stability. This earns you the opportunity to have a better recording or small spaces. You can set it at high speed gear (15m/s) medium speed gear (8m/s)  or low speed gear (6m/s).

Small and portable: Bulky gadgets pose discomfort especially when travelling unlike their compact portable counterparts. XPRO Drone is very easy to carry about. It is very small in size especially when folded. The area of a folded XPRO Drone is the same as that of a mobile phone, making it easier to grasp with just one hand. This makes it very easy and convenient to carry even when you’re traveling. 

Flow mode automatic switching: It  has a dual flow mode that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight. Indoor flight automatically recognizes the optical flow mode. It has the capacity to automatically switch GSP/Optical flow modes for outdoor or indoor flight. 

Mobile phone connection control: Your XPRO  Drone can be controlled with both the remote or your mobile phone. Just download the official designated App from either your Google Play or App Store and connect to your Drone WiFi.

After the connection, you can control your XPRO Drone with your smartphone. Also, you can add background music to the recorded video. To do this, just click the MV button on the control page and enter the MV interface. In the MV interface you can select the music of your choice.

Powerful LED light: It has quality LED light for taking perfect shots at night. This earns you the opportunity to make use of it even in the dark or at night. However, the use of drone at night is prohibited. The powerful LED light will only be helpful when there is insufficient light.

X PRO Drones Reviews
XPRO Drone Review

Product Specifications

ModelXPRO Drone “L108”
Size : Expanded23*19*5cm
Size : Folded13*10*5cm
Flight Time26 minutes
Flight distance1000m
Remote control frequency2.4GHz
Remote Life time3.5 hours
Battery charging Time4hours
Battery capacity7.4V 2200mAh Lithium battery
Camera type4K ultra-clear camera
Lens angle120 degrees 
GPS follow distance30 meters
Gesture shooting recognition1 – 3 meters

 What Items come with XPRO Drone?

The following items are always contained in the bag. Check the package delivered to you to make sure that these items are inside. If any of them is missing, contact the producer.

XPRO Drone1
Remote control1
USB charging cable1
Screw driver1
Spare propeller2 pairs
Spare screws (grains)8
User manual1

Here is the deal:

XPRO Drone is one of the latest drone in  2020 with lots of advantages. Below are the reasons why you will surely prefer it to many drones out there;

XPRO Drone Review
XPRO Drone Review
  1. Smart modular body battery
  2. Foldable body
  3. Lightweight
  4. Gesture video
  5. Remote control  
  6. Smart follow 
  7. Folding body  
  8. Can be controlled by both remote and mobile phone App 
  9. WiFi connection possible 
  10. One-key take off, one-key to land
  11. MV picture and video sharing
  12. Easily shoot big scene
  13. Lost connection, it will return
  14. Mini backpack that can accommodate other similar products. You can use it as your daily backpack.

What we don’t like about this product:

Available online: You can only get to see or feel it after making purchase. This doesn’t go well with many customers but don’t worry, we have tested and confirmed that it lives up to expectation. Also your online payment is very secured. Credit card, PayPal and other major payment methods are accepted based on your location. 

Limited stock: Only few products are currently available. Hurry and buy yours! 

You might be wondering:

How high can it fly?

XPRO Drone can fly up to 1000m from the ground and still maintain its connection. Even if the connection is lost, it will return automatically. Thus, there is zero risk of losing your gadget. You can control it with remote or your mobile phone using the designated App

best drones in 2020
best drone in 2020

Follow these simple steps to get your Drone flying:

  • Attach the propeller and other parts properly
  • Charge your Drone for about an hour and half
  • Press the dark grey button to power on the Drone and hold it till the led light start to flash
  • Push the toggle switch until a beeping sound is heard
  • Remove the knob on the left side back and forth till these lights stop flashing

Your drone should be ready to fly after doing these. If the led lights fail to flash, it means that the battery is low.

Who needs XPRO Drone?

If you want a drone that is suitable for industrial filming, fun, landscape surveillance and high quality image and video capturing,  consider giving XPRO drone a try. If you want to start a photography business or other income generating profession, we recommend Drone X pro for you. The excellent camera and panorama capturing mode makes it the best choice for people into photography and video making. Also teenagers from 14 years and above can use this drone if they adhere strictly to the instructions.

Those below this recommended age should not be allowed to use Drone because any slight deviation from the instruction can cause irreparable damage to the drone.

Drone X pro has dual flow mode that can switch automatically to indoor or outdoor flight. It is foldable, portable and highly efficient. It has the latest and spectacular design to suite your desires

Is XPRO drone the best drone in 2020?

XPRO drone is the best drone in the Drone X series. It has good battery life when compared to other brands of drone. The flight performance is high with a wide angle of view. The speed can be adjusted to enable you compose images well. XPRO drone will surely live up to your high standards. 

What are the rules and instructions for using Drone X Pro? 

You must be conversant with the instructions and rules for you to make use of your XPRO drone. These rules and instructions vary from state to state but there are generalized ones which we will summarise here. We recommend that you find out the specific rules for your state before using your drone.

The ones here are just the general rules and instructions, there might be other rules in your state which may not be contained in this Drone X Pro Review.

The aim behind these rules and instructions is to ensure public safety, thus, do not find them annoying. Some events like marriages and other related functions have their own specific rules and instructions, try and master these rules before using your drone.

Here are some of the general rules:

  • Your drone should not weigh more than the required 55 (fifty five) pounds.
  • The drone must be operated within the line of sight of the pilot. 
  • You must not fly your drone in standard fly zone to avoid unnecessary collision.
  • It can not be used for generating income. 
  • It must be registered under the federal Aviation Administration. 
  • Your drone must not be operated in the areas marked as class G.
  • Drone X pro can not be operated in areas under an emergency or where there is any work in progress. 
  • While operating your drone, you must be conscious of the regulations issued by the local community organizations.

How can I get license for my Drone? 

If you intend to use your drone for commercial purposes, then you need a pilot license. Even if you are just a hobbyists, you may need a license in same cases to be able to operate your drone. Thus, it’s advisable to get a license to avoid unwanted restrictions.

Follow these simple steps to acquire your drone license:

  1. Go to the official website of the FAA 
  2. Sign up and take classes of Part 107 small – sized Unmanned Aircraft ALC-451
  3. Fill out the form number 8710-13, also referred to as “Airmen Certificate”
  4. Search for and take the Aeronautical test 
  5. If you pass the test, apply for the license online on the official FAA website 
  6. Complete a background check 

After getting your license, you will like to prevent it from being cancelled. 
Follow these simple steps to prevent cancellation of your license:

  1. Register the Drone for $5 and take the requisite test paying the $150 fee 
  2. Report any loss of more than $500 to the FAA within ten (10) days 
  3. Make sure you check the Drone safety protocol thoroughly before taking it for operation 
  4. Respond to any queries or inspections from the Federal Agency Officers 
  5. Take the knowledge test after every two (2) year interval. 

Is XPRO Drone good for commercial purposes?

There are many rules to be strictly adhered to before using Drone X Pro for income generating purposes. This is to ensure that you don’t invade people’s privacy. You can use your drone for commercial purposes but ensure you upheld these norms.

For you to use drones for commercial reasons, you must first obtain a remote pilot status from any federal government recognised agency. 

Here are some simple steps to help you obtain the commercial pilot status:

  • Register the flight plan beforehand  
  • Don’t fly in areas marked as class G. 
  • The maximum speed must not be above 100mph
  • You must not fly your drone around a human – screwed aircraft. 

Note! Do not invade people’s privacy such as capturing their property, viewing their backyard or looking through their windows. These and many other practices are prohibited and if found guilty, you will lose your license and face the consequences that will follow. You must be cautious while using your drone for both commercial and non commercial purposes to avoid unwanted penalties. 

Drone X Pro Review
Drone X Pro Review

Will my Drone crash when it is close to another Drone? 

No, your Drone won’t crash by just being close to another drone. Below are the instructions to adhere to in order to avoid colliding with a nearby Drone

  • Fly your Drone away from that place. 
  • Keep a distance of at least 10ft away from that other drone to avoid collision. 
  • Try and notify the operator of the second drone so you both can use the air space cautiously to avoid collision. 
  • To be on the safer side, we advise that  you evacuate the area entirely. 

Your drone can also get crashed if:

  • There is a collision with another drone operated by a newbie pilot.
  • You fly the Drone too high up and lose control over it. 
  • The Drone collides with electric wires or pole.
  • The Drone collides with a tree or tall building. 
  • You are a newbie pilot and not very conversant with the control. 
  • There is sudden connection loss and consequent loss of control. 

Is the Lens of Drone X Pro camera good for high quality pictures? 

The lens is of very high quality. It helps you capture the landscape in ultra high definition. You can take a family reunion photo with its extra-wide lens with everybody fitting in the frame. You can capture a broad landscape with the finest details using the panoramic mode. It is indisputably better than its competitors in terms of camera quality.

Where can I buy my own XPRO drone? 

The best place to buy a product is from the producer. Do not make the mistake of buying from any vendor apart from the manufacturer to avoid getting substandard product.

Buy from the official website of the producer to enjoy 50% discount per unit with free delivery. Other exciting deals awaits those who purchase today from the producer. Click any of the links provided in this article to buy from the manufacturer. 

Maintenance Tips 

Having a Drone is good and making it last to serve you for a longer time will be good as well. 

Follow these steps to keep your Drone in pristine condition:

  • Replace the damaged parts as soon as possible.
  • Store it in the carry bag which comes with it. 
  • Always dust your Drone before taking it out for flight. This will ensure that the Drone is free from debris and other unwanted particles. 
  • Inspect your drone properly after every flight. 
  • Make sure you land your drone before the battery dies to avoid unnecessary crash. 

We recommend paying extra fee for warranty. This will help you get your drone repaired free of charge when it gets damaged. Repairing your drone will cost you nothing less than $25, but if you have warranty, you can get it repaired within the stipulated period for free irrespective of how bad it is. 

Note! Before you purchase any drone, take a look at the following:

  • Flight time
  • Battery backup
  • Price
  • Range
  • Ease of use and
  • Camera customization and settings.

Ready to take selfies with your Drone? 

Follow these simple steps to take selfie

  1. Learn to stabilize the control. 
  2. Refer to locations with good scenery.
  3. Make sure you attain maximum height to capture the scenery around the person on focus. 
  4. Experiment with the places your clients will stand before capturing your pictures.
  5. Use various exposures to create a good scene.  


To further address your concerns, we will bring to your knowledge what other people who have purchased and used this product are saying about it. 

“This has pretty much changed my life. I was a bit apprehensive when I first purchased this Drone as I’m not the most technically savvy person out there but it didn’t take long for me to get to grips with the useful functions” ~Jordan A 

XPRO Drone Review
XPRO Drone Review

“So glad I purchased one, it didn’t take long to arrive. It is my most used gadget since I had it. It is very price friendly when compared with the functions and efficacy. I use mine everyday and it seems life will be boring without it now. The instructions are very easy to follow and it made me like it the more because I have never used one before”  ~Vera

“Not the sort of thing I would usually purchase but glad I did. Now that I have it, all my friends wants to know where I got it from”  ~ Marry 

“I had a Drone before but the flight time was supper short and couldn’t allow me to take pictures and videos as I would want to. I actually spent more time charging the battery than using it.  This made me to be skeptical  about Drones but I finally made up my mind to buy XPRO DRONE, glad it has a longer flight time”    ~Cynthia

Bottom line of Drone X Pro Review 

There are many brands of Drone available in the market space but some are indisputably better than others.

Selecting the best drone has always been a big challenge confronting many buyers. Instead of letting you waste your precious time to find out which one is the best, we took our own time to review this product based on experience.

XPRO Drone Review
XPRO Drone Review

XPRO drone is one of the best drones out there in the market. We recommend that you buy one for yourself if you are looking for a highly efficient and affordable drone with the latest style and designs.

It comes with rechargeable battery, hence, you don’t need to spend extra cash buying battery. Charging doesn’t increase electricity bill. With XPRO Drone, you will be able to take wide range shots, track distant objects and so much more. 

Many users have testified that buying XPRO drone is never a waste of investment. It will surely give you the best experience you so much desired.  Hurry and get yours today for the stock is limited. I am sure you will not like to miss out on this offer.

Thanks for reading our XPRO Drone Review and feel free to check out SelfCam Pro Review and easy WaxOff Review 

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