How to Properly Maintain Rubber Roof Coatings

When it comes to a rubber roof coatings roofing material, rubber roof coatings are incredibly durable. They are able to hold up to the harshest of weather conditions and high foot traffic for 30-50 years before suffering any detrimental leak-leading damage. But, just like other types of roofs, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance to protect your investment and prolong the life of a rubber roof coating.

A silicone roof coating is a smart choice for any commercial property that is looking to save money in the long run by not having to replace the existing roof, or to simply prolong the life of an older rubber roof. Elastomeric coatings are a great option for EPDM, asphalt built-up, Modified Bitumen, single-ply and Hypalon roofs. These liquid rubber roof coatings are also highly effective at preventing moisture from penetrating the roof and causing molds and mildew to grow on it.

Choosing the Right Rubber Roof Coatings for Your Needs

Another advantage of elastomeric coating is its reflective properties. The white coating reflects the sun’s UV rays, which helps to reduce HVAC costs in a building.

If you are planning on applying a liquid rubber coating to your roof, be sure to work in warm, dry weather. The product will adhere best when the sun is shining and it isn’t too windy or humid. It is also a good idea to wear pants, closed-toed shoes, a hat and gloves during the application process to prevent any staining or skin damage.

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